Monday, 2 November 2015

Nailing your Google Ad

Ever wondered what you're actually paying your Google Adwords provider to do?  Ever asked and then wondered what the heck the answer actually meant?

Search Engine Optimisation is a conversation I have pretty regularly.   While the industry tends to enjoy the air of mystery surrounding, it's actually all quite fair and straight-forward in essence.
Internet user searches + relevant quality websites = quality hits

Have a quality website. And have a well-written ad for users to find it. That'll do it.

SEO is simply the process of  linking those two elements. The better you do that; the better (and cheaper!) the results will be.

Of course, in practice, there is a bit of know-how and marketing savvy required.  I'm always happy to help with whatever level of input a client would like to have; from showing the ropes and providing guidance... to doing the whole show.  This video below by Google is by far the best explanation I've found for how Google Adwords is calculated and ranked.

If you're ready to invest a bit into getting more customer contact through your site, visit the SEO pages in my website for more info, or contact me.

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