Friday, 4 March 2016

Right Side Ads: Gone, Baby Gone!

Change is hard to embrace a lot of the time, hey!  As a web designer, and provider of SEO and Online Advertising advice and services, I should be loving it. But love's a strong word... : j

Never-the-less, when I look at the history of Google's changes, I do readily concede that despite inconvenient disruption to the new ways I've just become comfortable with, they have made things better.

But today, it's different... I love err, like this change!  Recently, more than one client has asked me how get their Right-Side Ads up to the top positions.  To which the answer was either increasing bids or improving relevance quality on keywords.  Now the side Ads are gone (except maybe for the odd corporate application) so they can only appear in the larger main column. Ha! Job done! ?

Well, nearly... not quite;  While all Ads now enjoy a wider format with more info and better link options, the relevance quality and ad settings are still important to keep the Ad position high (in the top 4) and costs down (more clicks for less cash).

So why has Google done it?

  1. Mobile device browsing is rapidly approaching 50% across the board. In which case the side Ads would wrap down below anyway. And...
  2. Studies show that around 85% of  Ad clicks come from the top listings.

So, for those of you advertising; enjoy the main stage and keep an eye on your clicks.  And give me a call if you'd like to have a look at optimising your Adwords to get more clicks for your coin.

If you haven't considered Pay-per-click advertising for your business yet, now is certainly a good time.