Monday, 16 May 2016

Page 1 of Google... The Crowd Goes Wild!

I'd like to thank Photoshop, and Troy Bayliss...
Well today's the day it happened! Check it out... Search websites sunshine coast and there I am on page 1 of Google SERPs. (Search Engine Results Pages)

It was last November when I realised just how much exposure I was missing out on. I was getting good results for you guys, my clients and friends, but my own marketing was still something I was "getting around to". Then it hit me like a brick, when I analysed my SERP position for those same keywords and found I was back as far as page 12 (ie. effectively not even able to be found).

So I started working on my content, sharpening it up and weaving in those keywords. Within a short time, I was up around page 3, improving further to page 2. A very big improvement, but not yet where I needed to be. I left things for a couple of months to focus on my new project (Budget Pro Websites), coming back to my SEO only this past week. I'd slipped from a few page 2's back to page 3. NO WAY!!! I spent 4 hours yesterday, pulling out all the stops... and today... there it is.

How many users actually search beyond page 1? Not many, it seems.  In my searching, I only do it if I'm not happy with the first listings I find. And that might happen only 1 time out of every 10 searches. Applying this rough method of reckoning, it translates that by gaining a page 1 SERP position, I should experience a 10-fold increase in traffic to my site for "organic" searches (the basic Google listings... not the the paid Ads).

Page 1 is great. But my current position (#10) is still a way from position #1. Am I popping the cork too early? Maybe. Maybe not. Every racer goes for pole. But really, anyone in the top 10 has a good chance at grabbing a podium.  Certainly, the top 10 are the ones the spectators and sponsors are fixed on.

Hopefully from here, new users finding will engage well with it and further confirm its relevance. At that point, I'm at the front of the race, to stay.

I know many of you are looking to get more enquiries for your business. A page-one result in web design is probably the second-toughest field of competition there is (the toughest of course being dedicated SEO). So if I can do it for Lime Dezign, doing it for your business should be easy by comparison! 

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