Friday, 2 January 2015

2015. Primed and ready.

I made my last new-years resolution at around the end of October 2012.  I figured it was a big task so getting a head-start would be a smart move.

What was it? Well, it was to get Lime Dezign systemised ready for growth in the coming year whilst my youngest was trotting off to his first year of school in 2014.

How did I go? Well, as things happened, 2013 (and 2014) gave me more to contend with than just my own resolutions.  At times I felt discouraged about my lack of achievement for the goals I'd set.  I did get a significant portion of my resolution-tasks done, but not nearly enough to see the results I was chasing. Of the tasks I did complete, some proved unsuccessful. The effort needed to keep my resolve was becoming greater, and at times my energy ran very low.

I actually got to the point where I applied for an advertised position, and was selected as the preferred applicant. But when I considered the real costs and benefits along with the voice inside, I realised I had to have faith and keep going. At least for now.  That same week, new work came my way. And with a renewed perspective I was back on the growth plan.

My connection and committment to MADDEL has also been challenging and (at times) disruptive to the goals I've set myself.  That said, it is no less important in my mind. It is just another factor that I need to allow for in the realisation of my goals.

One thing I am very encouraged about, is the test-of-time I seem to have satisfied. I'm still going. I am making progress on all fronts. Slowly perhaps, but surely. This blog is a small part of that.

Looking to the recent past and present, I also realise many of my circumstances that may appear as adversity have also been the very things that have enabled me to keep going.  With that understanding, I can look more clearly to see the things I need to change to acheive the future I'm wanting to build.

So I want to wish you success beyond every challenge that lays in the path of any resolutions you have made... whenever they were!

Peace, joy, blessings and prosperity to you. Happy 2015!