Sunday, 14 December 2014

Nothing Says 'I Love You' like a Stubbie Cooler...

A full colour stubbie cooler will both impress and connect with
not only your customers, but those they socialise with as well.
Nothing says 'I Love You' quite like a Stubbie Cooler. Although, if you have a wedding anniversary coming up I'd strongly recommend exploring further options first.

I'm talking about love in a business capacity here... (OMG, it's getting worse. I'd better bail out and get to the point!)

What I mean is this: Depending on your business market, the stubbie cooler might be the ultimate promo gift item.

Why? Because of what it means. Yes, it'll keep a drink cold longer. But there's so much more to it than that.

Whereas things like coffee-cups, pens, calendars etc are very useful in a work sense. A Stubbie Cooler is different, in that it is used in a capacity of relaxation, enjoyment and celebration.

When you give a customer/client (existing or potential) a stubbie cooler, it's almost like buying them the drink itself.  It conveys a positive connection and the formation of a relationship.  What's more, it conveys that to not only your customer, but also to those who they may drink and socialise with.

And if it's a great-looking stubbie cooler, let's say designed-by-me for argument's sake :), it will be well noticed and may even get pinched or passed on in favour, resulting in more exposure and possibility for new business.

Technology has progressed much since the early single colour screen printed varieties (though still available and a good choice for some designs). Plastisol transfers enable bright designs in 2 to 6 colours, and modern dye-sublimation processes now enable full-colour photographic style printing with surprisingly affordability.

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Saturday, 6 December 2014

Hey, there's my sign! ..sort-off :)

The new-look Woombye Pharmacy reflects the town's
heritage and community spirit.
One of the fun little satisfactions of being a designer is getting to say that to myself every now and then.  It's just a little bit of megalomania, probably from spending too much time in my design coocoon(!)

Hopefully, those of you who drive through Woombye from time-to-time might have noticed the new-look to the Pharmacy and thought something like, "My word, doesn't that look better than the old one!"

When new owners took over the Pharmacy this year, they decided to move away from the existing franchise and re-brand the pharmacy as more of a true local business. So the first task was to design a logo that conveyed this.

The old franchise signage.
Woombye is proud of its heritage as a Cobb & Co. coach stop from the old days, so this was the main theme the design would stem from. A timber-spoke wheel was chosen to represent this, and the circular shape frames the logo and provides a good focal point. To represent health and well-being, and old-fashioned medicine bottle and some flowering herbs were incorporated.

Quite a few versions were explored. The manger, Andrew, was great to work with. I think he may have been starting to feel a bit bad about asking to see yet another version... But in my experience, the more thought that goes in to a design, the better the end result. And I think in this case that is again true.
Early stage design mock-up

For sign production, I often help arrange production with one of the many local sign-writers I know. In this case, Andrew elected to manage that and again the results are excellent.

Good logo design and signage is so important for any business. Apart from the odd exception, it forms the first point of visual contact and recognition.  Get it right, and a business will have a face and a name that people remember.

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